The Black Edition


I’m pleased to introduce our latest addition to the MiniPwner family: the Black Edition. The Black is based off the TP-Link 3040, however it has a few hardware modifications.


First, to allow for more flexibility during a penetration test, the internal antenna has been disconnected, and a RP-SMA connector has been added.  This allows you to connect different types of antennas to the Black.  Since the stock antenna no longer functions, the Black comes with a 3 dBi antenna.

Second, we've exposed the serial port.  The goal here is to have direct hardware access to the system if required.  One major advantage is you will have the ability to recover the system through the serial port if you “brick” the device. (We are also working on a few other ideas for the serial port too, so stay tuned.)

Third, the power LED has been removed.  This might sound like a bad idea at first; however, you are not able to control the power LED via software, so therefore the only way to have it not be on during operation was to remove it.

Last but not least, you will notice it has been wrapped in a matte black vinyl. This is to help give you an edge in hiding it in plain sight.


Making the Black is quite time consuming, so there will be a limited number produced.  Please tweet us at @minipwner and let us know the interest level.


- Michael