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What is a MiniMode?

Here's the best way I've found to explain it.  

A MiniMode is a way of pre-defining different configurations you want your MiniPwner to be in.  For example, you can have a MiniMode to turn your MiniPwner into an access point, a MiniMode to connect your MiniPwner to your wireless network (as a client), or even a MiniMode to start Kismet for some war walking.  Really any configuration you can come up with you should be able to build.

There are a few "stock" MiniModes that come with the MiniPwner.  These should help get you started building your own.  

And how do you build your own you ask?  Simple.  You add a new folder to the directory structure and put whatever scripts you want to be executed into it.

For example, let's say we have two MiniModes; one call AP and one call WiFi_Client.  Each of these MiniModes (folders) have several files in them.  When I tell the MiniPwner to use the AP MiniMode the script will be executed.  The network and wireless files get copied to were they need to go and services get restarted.  A few seconds later I have an access point. 

| - - minipwner
       | - - minimodes
                | - - AP
                       | - -
                       | - - network
                       ` - - wireless
                | - - WiFi_Client
                        | - -
                        | - - network
                        ` - - wireless

 (As of now Bash scripts are working, but I plan to have Perl and Python supported before the first release).

Well big deal you say.  Why don't I just log into the MiniPwner and run the script myself.  True you could, but that takes time.  The real advantage of MiniModes is the ability to link them to the three position switch on the TP-Link MR3040.  This allows you to setup different modes, walk into a pentest, select which mode you want, and be pwning in no time!

Ok, but how do I select different MiniModes you ask?  That's done through a special setup mode which turns the MiniPwner into an access point.  First put the switch into the middle position (WISP).  You then go to the web interface on the MiniPwner at (which is mobile phone friendly), select which MiniModes you want to use and you're on your way.

This is what the MiniModes setup interface looks like.  At the top it tells you the current date and time on the device.  The table is for displaying and selecting which MiniModes you want to use.

The first column in the table tells you what switch postition is on the side of the MiniPwner (physically written on the device).  The second column shows the current setting and the third gives you the option to update the setting.  When you click the save button the new setting takes effect and is updated in the table.

Word of caution:  This is still new.  There will be growing pains and problems to over come.  Also know this is not my only job.  I'm doing this project for fun.  I want to build a tool that others can use for penetration testing.  

With that in mind, constructive feed back and questions are welcome.

- Michael

2011. © 2014 Kevin Bong / Michael Vieau
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