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USB Toys...and MiniPwner War-ballooning
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TOPIC: USB Toys...and MiniPwner War-ballooning

USB Toys...and MiniPwner War-ballooning 5 years, 10 months ago #45

  • bongk
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OK so my latest attempts have been to get some additional USB devices working. My ultimate goal is to build a bundle of "sensors" that runs from the MiniPwner...perhaps a microphone for pen-testing or a payload of gadgets for a high altitude weather-balloon.

Not a lot of success so far.

  • learned that you pretty much need a powered usb hub. The minipwner USB does not put out enough power for most things or more than one thing
  • Was able to get my BU-353 GPS navigation puck to work. Big trick was to install the modules to usb, then create symlinks into the normal kernel modules directory, then insmod them.
  • A little progress with my CM109 USB Audio card. It detects the device correctly but doesn't create the audio device under /dev...still trying to work this out.
  • Was able to detect my USB webcam, but it spits out an error "insufficient space"...which seems to mean not enough bandwith on the USB line. I'm waiting for a powered USB 2.0 hub in the mail, hopefully that will fix my issue (right now my old hub is usb 1.1
  • I haven't tried a 3G modem yet but I hope to soon
  • I also have a couple of microcontrollers (arduino Pro Nano, Parallax Propeller) that run at 3.3v and have serial interface pins. I'm hoping to find a little time to solder leads onto the tx/rx dots on the WR703N board and see if I can't interface from the router to these microcontrollers.

I think it would be really cool to launch a weather balloon with a camera, GPS, Pressure sensor, Wifi Cantenna, and 3G modem to send the data back during the flight. And it should be doable from what I've found. I really want to run netstumbler and see what it will report at different altitudes.
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Re: USB Toys...and MiniPwner War-ballooning 5 years, 10 months ago #61

  • Pwnie Express
Love it! Awesome work man! =)

Re: USB Toys...and MiniPwner War-ballooning 5 years, 10 months ago #66

  • bongk
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OK so here's an update into my foray with USB toys.

First off, I learned when you install kernel modules to the USB flash drive, they aren't found by the kernel.
I did a really ugly hack to fix this. For each file in /mnt/usb/lib/modules/<kernel version> I created a symlink from /lib/modules/<kernel version> to that file. Then I ran insmod for all those modules. I had to run it four times over until all the modules loaded, because many of the sound modules were dependent on other modules. After this hack, here were my results:

Cheap USB 2.0 WebCam
Was able to get it to detect the camera, but it throws an insufficient space error when trying to capture.
The cam does not do mjpeg compression in hardware, and I can't configure it to not want tons of usb bandwidth, so I'll have to try a different camera.

Cheap USB Sound Card
Was able to get it to detect and play an MP3 file through headphones. Next thing to try will be to record a microphone.

As I said earlier, I already had the GPS puck working.
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Re: USB Toys...and MiniPwner War-ballooning 5 years, 10 months ago #76

  • RandomJoe
Very interesting! I'm following your progress as posted here, and may have questions when the slow boat from China arrives. Microphone and webcam would be uber cool. I'm thinking of trying a "car key micro cam" in webcam mode: ( the #3 or #16 sound good - lightweight, small, but require ~160 mA.

Also, for the microcontroller interface, any thoughts on using some of the GPIOs e.g: ?

Keep up the good work!!

Re: USB Toys...and MiniPwner War-ballooning 5 years, 6 months ago #762

  • A Person
Great idea by the post above for the keychain camera. I have a 909 camera which is very similar to the 808 and I'm interested in attempting to run it off the minipwner. I got my keychain camera for $10 including shipping so if this is successful others might find this an interesting addition to the pwner.

opkg on Openwrt has packages for webcams like kmod-video and some related packages. Is there a way to make opkg on the pwner access these other openwrt packages available to the regular openwrt build for the 703n?

Re: USB Toys...and MiniPwner War-ballooning 5 years, 5 months ago #792

  • Random Joe
I haven't spent too much time on this, but I tried out the keychain camera as a webcam addition. I have the 808 #16 camera partially working with the uvcvideo drivers as in here: ([]=webcam) I can capture HD frames as still jpegs, or "stream" video to a bazillion jpegs, but I haven't been able do this over http, or an actual mpeg locally. Not sure why. Perhaps I have to install luci? But I thought mjpeg-streamer was a webserver....perhaps pwner firewall rules need an adjustment.

I've tried another keychain, the 808 #3 and could not get it recognized with either the uvcvideo drivers or the GSPCA drivers.

So the $10 keychain I have doesn't work, but hte $40 one does. Cheaper webcams can be had, but if size / weight are important, it is hard to beat one of these. FYI the webcam mode doesn't require (or even allow) the camera to have a SD card inserted. It also doesn't require having its battery connected.
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