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water spray gun times as deep as the seed diameter
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TOPIC: water spray gun times as deep as the seed diameter

water spray gun times as deep as the seed diameter 1 year, 2 months ago #3960

Follow the directions on the seed package which is usually about
water spray gun times as deep as the seed diameter. Barely cover seeds that need light to germinate. Make sure to label each container (or section of a multiple pod tray) with the plant name, and sowing date, then cover it with the humidity dome or plastic bag until the seeds germinate. Make sure to let air circulate over the seeds if you are using a plastic bag. This can be done by not sealing or closing the bag. You can place the trays on an electric mat or on top of a refrigerator or radiator as bottom warmth help the seeds germinate.

The seedlings will need light once they have germinated. A windowsill or sun-room that gets a lot of natural light might work. A better solution is to put them under a fluorescent or full spectrum light for 12 to 16 hours a day and keep them at a temperature of 60 to 70 degrees. You can even use the inexpensive fluorescent "shop" lights. Hang the light just over the top of the seedlings, and move it higher as the plants grow. You can start adding liquid fertilizer, such as fish emulsion to the watering tray once a week just after the plants have grown to have two sets of true leaves.

Some seedlings may require to be transplanted into larger containers in order to allow them more room to grow and develop their root systems. To do this you can use the same procedure and mix as for the seeds themselves. Try to keep the root balls intact handling the plants by the leaves and not by the stems or roots, as you move the plants to their new pots. Push a hole into the moist soil with your finger, place the plant into the hole, and gently firm the mix to eliminate air pockets. Make sure to provide plenty of light and air circulation, as well as water and fertilizer as before.

Before you can transplant the young plants outside they need to be hardened off. You can do this by gradually adjusting them to the outside environment by placing them out in a sheltered, shady area for a few hours each day. You can extend the time and light each day making sure to keep them watered as small pots will dry quickly outdoors. The plants will be ready to be transplanted into the garden chipper shredder in about a week to 10 days, though make sure to cover them with paper if it is still getting really cool in your area.
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