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Minipwner V2 MR3040 BUILD Help
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TOPIC: Minipwner V2 MR3040 BUILD Help

Minipwner V2 MR3040 BUILD Help 2 years, 3 months ago #1979

  • jjung
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Can anyone help with steps 14 to 17 on the build.
Upload the MiniPwner Overlay tar file to the /tmp directory
OP is not technically inclined so direct codes to SSH would be appreciated!

Below is a guide for novice individuals running windows to setup
It will save novices alot of trial and error time.
With your help i will Edit this listing and make better instructions for any idiot to follow.

Thank You
OP is a cave man who inherited a windows 8 computer
Op has never coded or used linux in his caveman life.
OP was meant for a chromebook, when MiniPwner V2 caught his eyes.
I am here today to try to help other cavemen reconstruct this procedure.
This took OP many hours of trial and error to figure stuff out. Thanks to all those who tried to help but OP didnt really understand some of the information or it didnt seem very easy to understand. Much like if someone was thirsty and looking for water, someone says look west. Seems general and not specific enough. If you are a caveman and if this thing helped you please comment or like.
If you are experienced and can help my procedure that would help too.
Original Link

Made with Windows 8 64x
needs MR3040
2x usb flash drives ( 16Gb and other larger than 1gb
Ethernet cable ( supplied new in box with MR3040)

Programs needed:
USB Iso mounter ( can change to others if you like)

First: Inject USB drive 1gb or higher to make Gparted boot drive.
In my pc right click on it and format to FAT32 and quick format and recomended setting
Run the USB program and make a Gparted boot disk, Open program select gparted iso file and complete this.
Next shut down pc and hit F12 ( could be f8 f10 or f11 on other pc's) and change the Boot order: Make USB priority.
Then boot into Gparted. insert the 16GB usb as stated. and then find the refresh devices if you dont see it.
Next make one partition 500mb swap 1mb space between and the rest is ext4. and hit apply
** i tried VM oracle but it wouldnt recognice my usb so this option worked best** This step alone saved you a hour of error!

Second: Charge up the Battery on Mr3040 only 10 minutes will last you a long time alone.
turn on device and connect to pc via ethernet. In explorer hit
this will open you into a TP link portal
Find system tools, firmware upgrade and choose OpenWrt Barrier Breaker File ( may be different if updates are made from the time of this posting)
It will take some time and reboot after awhile 10 to 20 minutes
next it will be on so enter that value in address bar of a browser

Time to update firmware. If the Mr3040 is pluged via ethernet you cant open and you may need to change the IP of MR if other routers are on that address.
like and windows firewall may need to be disabled?** you may or may not have to do this.
So while the MR is connected via ethernet in browser ( chrome, exploreer ect) hit change login password
and then go find the WIFI settings. and Add and search for a wifi connection ( may need to setup WPA WPA2 password for the MR3040 to logiN)
i thought if the pc has internet via wifi, one would just be able to upload the firmware to the MR via ethernet. ( Doesnt work like this...)
Now if the MR is connected to the internet hit diagnosis and test it.
If its just connected to pc via ethernet it will just say PING BAD Gateway. If its on wifi it should give something else.
one connected go to software on the browser and find the corresponding files and install.
Check to make sure its all installed.
in browser make the MR reboot. and input 16gb we made the partitions for.

Next open Putty! and make sure ssh is selected and input the value you gave to the MR
it will ask for user? input root or enter the password you entered
Now we need to edit fstab:
your screen should have
root@OpwnWrt~# or something like this.
type:cat /etc/config/fstab
this will how a list of current settings
next type:vi /etc/config/fstab
**Note** it may not let you change anything but if you hit the INSERT button it should allow it or if you hit r when curor is on a value you can change value underneath it.
change the settings to match values on the MINIpwner page. if you dont know if there is supposed to be a space or not. i just copy codes and then paste it into something else
I was not able to copy and paste directly so i just typed it finish edit
hit button twice enter enter
then ":w" to save and long hold Esc and the % modified should change to some value with an L
now you can hit enter and it should change back to the root@OpenWrt
you can also try :qz or ZZ but it didnt work for me.
**note** I didnt quite figure this out but a good indicator is the %/L and sometimes the (-) symbol will pop up on the bottom left somewhere
to check if you edited type: cat /etc/config/fstab
this will show you the new values edited

**Note** Pivot root is just the name for a series of commands i thought it was a program or something.
just type the following values directly and hit eneter after each line
mkdir -p /tmp/cproot
mount --bind / /tmp/cproot
mkdir /mnt/sda2
mount /dev/sda2 /mnt/sda2
tar -C /tmp/cproot -cvf - . | tar -C /mnt/sda2 -xf -
umount /tmp/cproot

Edit fstab again as the website states

and then open browser and type in the IP address you assigned and then enter the password and then reboot.
open putty again type df and verify with minipwner page

Now you need to overlay the tar file which i have not done yet. havent figured this out but once Op does,will edit

Re: Minipwner V2 MR3040 BUILD Help 2 years, 3 months ago #1981

  • jjung
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STEPS 14 to 17 was completed
however how is the command on the build directions
step 15) tar -xf MiniPwner-Setup_x.x.x.tar
should it be tar -xf minipwner-overlay_2.0.0.tar?
the download file itself says overlay instead of setup.

when sh was run.
There was some inconsistencies some of the lines didnt match up.

Finally how do we know if its set up correctly?

if we log into the 192.168.X.X should we see a minipwner logo instead of the open wrt?

thank you

Re: Minipwner V2 MR3040 BUILD Help 2 years, 2 months ago #1995

I am at the same impasse..

Help needed

Re: Minipwner V2 MR3040 BUILD Help 2 years, 2 months ago #2000

  • Mccabee
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are you using windows or linux?
if you are having a problem with the script, i can very quickly give you a solution. also i'll be working on the tutorial tomorrow, figure in editing etc, i should have it up by friday night or saturday morning.

Re: Minipwner V2 MR3040 BUILD Help 2 years, 1 month ago #2005

  • Mccabee
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Do you know your way around the Vim text editor? You can open the setup file in Vim and change the file format. If you are using Linux, you can do this two ways, the second being faster one that works for any OS. 1) You can extract the minipwner overlay tar file follow the instructions below then repack the files into a tar again, upload the file extract the minipwner overlay file with tar -xf, then run sh If you are using Windows you must use the second option and first upload the minipwner overlay file to your mr3040 with cat or scp. 2) After extracting the minipwner overlay onto the mr3040, just type these commands into your ssh terminal.

The commands you need to enter are in bold and info explaining what's going on in parentheses.

vi (this will open the setup file in vim)
Type :set ff=unix and press enter (this changes the file format from dos to UNIX, removing the ^M problem caused by an end of line issue, abbreviated to EOL. I explained this more in depth in another post here: End of Line error explained)
Type :wq and hit enter (this writes and saves the change you just made to the file and exit vim returning you to the ssh terminal you can also do :w and then :q in two separate steps if you ever want to save and review changes before you quit)
Finally type sh (the script should now execute without errors and after resetting the MR3040 and following the other instructions on moving the switch to wisp etc, you should be greeted by a new splash screen when you ssh to the device after the reboot is finished)

This is a good time to log into the minipwner's web interface and create a backup file of your fresh install under the "System" tab, in case something gets corrupted later on you won't have to repeat everything all over again.
Enjoy your new Minipwner!
If you have any problems or questions before I finally get the video up, don't hesitate to ask.

Last Edit: 2 years, 1 month ago by Mccabee.

Re: Minipwner V2 MR3040 BUILD Help 1 year, 4 months ago #3602

  • wthile
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Hey guys im having an issue. I stuck at #11 when I reboot the tp-link 3040 dosnt boot from the USB, im a linux guy and I am dumbfounded... any help would be great. what can I post to give you the information needed to point me int he right direction.

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