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Re: hostapd-karma now working..
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TOPIC: Re: hostapd-karma now working..

Re: hostapd-karma now working.. 5 years, 8 months ago #188

(somehow this didn't get put on the same thread and I can't see how to delete it so we'll continue the convo here I guess....grrr)

Ok, we're gonna have a fun time with this. Hostapd-karma apparently has to be recompiled with each new kernel update which means that if I upload the ipk, you have to use the kernel that I'm using or else it won't work. Since the kernel updates fairly regularly, this would make for a lot of work for me in the future and I don't have a lot of time to compile for everyone's kernel version. I'm not keen on doing that.

I could create an image that has it already installed but then you'd have to worry about whether I have backdoor'ed it.

There has to be a good compromise here but I'm not seeing it. Any ideas?
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Re: hostapd-karma now working.. 5 years, 8 months ago #189

  • dyce
How about providing an image with everything set up and additionally an ipk and state which kernel it works with. and just provide new ipks and images whenever you update your own kernel.

so for people who who think you may have backdoored it they'll go for the ipk and use the kernel that you have it working with. and for others, they can just use the image.

i feel its a decent idea for now

Re: hostapd-karma now working.. 5 years, 8 months ago #201

  • dyce
Any updates?

Re: hostapd-karma now working.. 5 years, 8 months ago #205

Here's what I got for you.

For the factory.bin the enet IP is because it interfered badly with my main network whenever I'd reflash it. You can change it if you like. It *should* still revert back to if you have to go into rescue mode. I also set the default DNS to to keep from having to set that every time I reflashed.

Disclaimer: these files may blow your router sky high and rape your girlfriend on a drunken binge. I won't be held responsible for anything that this does to your equipment, nor anything that you or your equipment does to anything else for that matter.

That said, enjoy!
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