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Intro to Hardware Hacking Class - Derbycon 2014


I will be teaching a new two-day Introduction to Hardware Hacking class at Derbycon in September 2014.

The course is titled "Hands on Hardware Hacking for Complete Beginners".  I really tried to put together a class that focuses on my favorite parts of classes like this.  As a result, the class is basically all hands-on labs and you get to take a bunch of cool stuff home with you.  Its designed for folks who have some background computer security or programming, but have done little if any hardware hacking.

Course participants will build an AD-2000M RFID lock into an RFID snooper, will assemble an RFID spoofer, and will build a Minipwner.  All tools and supplies needed will be provided, and participants will keep the equipment and most of the tools at the end of the workshop.  Examples of activities in the class will include soldering together a circuit kit, sniffing bus lines on a circuit board, and flashing and configuring OpenWrt.

If you have questions about the class or want more information email me at sewnbacktogetherwrong<-at->

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