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Hey All - sorry thanks to Pay Pal issues MiniPwners are no longer being sold from this site.

If you want to buy a Minipwner, please visit and take a look at the r00tabega.  They've taken the MiniPwner merged it with the Wifi Pineapple.  

The kit contains the following:

  • The MiniPwner TLink TL-WR703N Router with 4GB Cruzer Fit USB Drive. Already built with OpenWrt and the MiniPwner configuration
  • USB wall outlet power adapter and micro usb cable
  • 12 inch ethernet cable
  • Portable battery pack with multiple USB /cell phone charging adapters
  • A strip of adhesive-backed velcro to attach the WR703N to the battery pack if you want
  • Hard side case (comes with the battery pack, but the kit fits nicely inside)


 iPhone not included -shown for scale


All sale items are for legally authorized uses only.
Use of the MiniPwner signifies your agreement to the MiniPwner EULA.

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