Build One v2


MiniPwner Community Edition

Like the first version, here are the build instructions for version 2 of the MiniPwner.

What You'll Need

Format USB Drive

Install OpenWrt

  1. Download OpenWrt Barrier Breaker from here
  2. Boot your TP-Link 3040 and login at (default credentials are admin/admin)
  3. Select System Tools and then Firmware Upgrade
  4. Use the Choose File button to select the OpenWrt Barrier Breaker image
  5. Use the Upgrade button to apply the image
  6. Wait for the image to be applied
  7. After the TP-Link reboots it will now be at

The Setup

  1. Telnet to the TP-Link at
  2. Set a root password with the passwd command
  3. NOTE: ** You will need to get the TP-Link onto the Internet to download packages **
  4. Install the following packages to enable USB support
  5. Plug the USB drive into the 3G port and reboot the TP-Link
  6. Log into the TP-Link via ssh using the user root and the password you just set
  7. Modify the /etc/config/fstab to match the following
  8. Run the following commands to "pivot root" to the USB drive
  9. You now need to modifiy the /etc/config/fstab again so it will boot off the USB drive
  10. Reboot the TP-Link (and now it becomes a MiniPwner)
  11. Verify the USB drive is mounted correctly by issuing the df command
  12. If everything looks like the image above then you're good to install any packages you would like
  13. The following packages are installed by default on the MiniPwner
  14. Upload the MiniPwner Overlay tar file to the /tmp directory
  15. Untar the file by issuing tar -xf MiniPwner-Setup_x.x.x.tar (where x.x.x is the version number)
  16. Run the setup script by issuing sh
  17. Make sure the three position switch is in the middle position (WISP) and then reboot the MiniPwner